El Paso area West
We tried to go hunting for a fluorite mine just a little West of El Paso but had to hurry out of the area when we encountered a wildfire that had the possibility of closing off our exit. The fire looked so little from where we were but Doug and Eric knew more about fires in the area and decided we couldn't stay. Most of these pictures were taken with the telephoto lens. We were probably about 6 miles away from it. We saw the mine and a few other things but didn't get to dig for the fluorite. Then we went to Kilbourne Hole, an old maar volcano where we picked up some mantle material with beautiful green chrystals in it.
Taken at 5:34pm
Taken at 5:35pm. Notice where the fire is related to the crooked twin Yucca on the left.
Taken at 5:37pm. Now, 2 minutes later, the flames are way past the cooked twin Yucca. The flames have probably advanced over 50 feet. We could hear the fire popping way up on the hill miles away.  
It took Doug exactly 15 minutes to hike from the truck to the mine at the top of the hill just to the left and above the white spot. I was using my zoom lens so he is still not even half way between the truck and the mine.  
This entire series was taken within one minute at 6:00pm. We think the bush that caught fire is a creosote bush. Look up creosote on the web. It is obviously very flamable.  
Day 1 - Fluorite Mine and Wildfire
~6 seconds
Day 1 - Kilbourne Hole
~4 seconds
Day 2 - Three Rivers Petroglyphs
~15 seconds
Day 3 - Fluorite Mine
~11 seconds
Day 4 - Hueco Tanks trip #1
~12 seconds
Day 5 - El Paso Missions
~9 seconds
Day 5 - Wilderness Park Museum
~12 seconds
Day 6 - Hueco Tanks trip #2
~15 seconds
Hueco Tanks information
Day 6 - Guadalupe Mountains
~13 seconds
Day 7 - White Sands National Monument
~17 seconds
Day 8-9 - The El Paso Loop Trail
~5 seconds
Day 10 - Hueco Tanks trip #3
~12 seconds (The best of the trip)
Day 11 - Trip Home
~9 seconds
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