El Paso area East 2009
Hueco Tanks
Below is what we saw in that cave. There was only room for one of us at a time in there.
After leaving Hueco Tanks, we took a drive to see another volcanic crater.
This ocotillo bush was flowering.
I guess predators would have a difficult time getting to these babies.
Lots of these were by the railroad tracks.
This is Aden Crater. A giant sloth was found at the crater in a lava tube in 1928. It still had hair and skin on it. The lava tube is over 100 feet deep.  
This one is for Doug. Its the tube way out away from the volcano that had fallen in. This spot was way in the back and we wondered if it had some crystals in it.  
Day 1 - Fluorite Mine, Wildfire, Kilbourne Hole
Wildfire #1 Kilbourne Hole
Day 2 - Three Rivers Petroglyphs
3Rivers #1 3Rivers #2
3Rivers #3 3Rivers #4
3Rivers #5 3Rivers #6
Day 3 - Fluorite Mine Fluorite Mine    
Day 4 - Hueco Tanks trip #1
Hueco #1 Hueco #2
Hueco & Aden Crater Hueco info
Day 5 - El Paso Missions
Missions Missions Info
Day 5 - Wilderness Park Museum
Museum Museum Info

Day 6 - Hueco Tanks trip #2
Hueco #4 Hueco info #2
Day 6 - Guadalupe Mountains
Guadalupe #1 Guadalupe #2
Guadalupe Info
Day 7 - White Sands National Monument
White Sands White Sands info
Day 8-9 - The El Paso Loop Trail Loop Trail    
Day 10 - Hueco Tanks trip #3
(The best of the trip)
Hueco #5 Hueco #6
Hueco #7 Hueco #8
Hueco #9 Hueco #10
Day 11 - Trip Home Trip Home    
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