Chula Homa Fox Hunt
November 8, 2014
Why do we have to wait to hunt??? Lets get this show on the road!
First the guests had to eat breakfast on the shore of this mirrored lake. Breath-taking!  
Panorama of the lake. Link to a bigger picture(252k).
Everyone had a great time with the hats.
Joan Jannaman took the fascinator pictures.
After breakfast, there was a fascinator contest. This is only 4 of the contestants.
This was the coolest fascinator! She said it
was a road kill fox. It was beautiful!
Everyone had cool hats! We needed to be silly.
The horses and riders followed the bagpipe player and the hounds followed the horses.
Everyone is assembled.
The hounds are blessed.
Some rode the Tally Ho wagons! Notice the horses and riders on the top of the hill. They are following the hounds.
At lunch we stopped next to another lake. A movie was filmed here last year.
They did it in the movie so our riders tried it too! Looks like fun! That water was cold!!
Some had to keep the hounds in country. They are only allowed to hunt on certain lands.
Sometimes the fox, coyote, or bobcat doesn't know where the boundaries are.
Even though all the hounds have collars, some don't have the special GPS collars so when they
don't come back, they have to be tracked. The GPS collars tell exactly where the hounds are on a map,
however the older collars only send back directional data. They can only tell which direction to look
for the hound. All of the hounds eventually came back for the ride home.
Zoie is my favorite hound.

Before the hunt they all are excited and ready to go. Joan Jannaman took this picture. She caught Zoie at just the right moment.
She actually looks dazed she is so tired. After the hunt they are all very tired. After all, she ran constantly for hours on end!  
Look at the expectation in his eyes before the hunt. Joan Jannaman took this picture. After the hunt he is really wiped out but happy! He kinda looks suspicious of the camera or maybe me.  
See more of Joan's pictures of the hunt.  
This is the coolest house. That fenced in area is only for cats. What lucky cats. They have food, water,
shade and they can play outside! Notice the cat statue in the yard.
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