Chula Homa Fox Hunt
October 10, 2015
Map of where we rode following the hounds. It is just North of Brandon, MS.

We ride the horses, the horses chase the hounds, the hounds chase the fox/coyote,
the fox/coyote either loses the hounds or goes to ground (gets away).
The hounds find another scent to follow and we do it all again.

What a RUSH!!! Can't wait to do it again!!
Playing at a boat ramp while we waited for hounds.
The hounds were called and while waiting for the rest of the pack,
they are watching their leader and waiting for direction.
Can we go again? Can we? Please!!! Aw Zoie, you are so cute!
Zoie and Amber
Very tired hounds. Zoie and Amber.
THE Tree.
This plant is called Wild Arum.
Railroad bridge in Edwards, MS
Hump over railroad crossing in Edwards, MS
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