Eden Falls, Arkansas
November 21, 2015
Clark Creek flows for only 3 miles. Yet within this short course, its waters have formed an array of geologic shapes. The creek occasionally disappears through holes eroded in its limestone bed. At times, depending on the amount of recent rainfall,it vanishes altogether.

Jigsaw Blocks: Massive stone blocks fell long ago from the surrounding bluffs.

Natural Bridge: Clark Creek carved this arch through 50 feet of limestone.

Cob Cave: Corn cobs left behind by prehistoric Indians gave this bluff shelter its name.

Eden Falls: A series of four waterfalls plummets 170 feet down these limestone bluffs.

Eden Falls Cave: This stream carved cave contains a 35 foot waterfall 200 feet inside the cave.
--Copied from the sign in the parking lot at the foot of the trail.