Providence Canyon
(Georgia's Little Grand Canyon)
Feb 4, 2012
We did canyons 1-5 today
Trail Map

Notice the tree on top of the cliff. Most of its soil is gone!
These berries were just pretty.
In addition to the red and white, there is also yellow in the dirt. Look how thin the topsoil is!
The water carried down some dirt from above and it made a pretty pattern so I snapped it.
The colors were just too vivid to pass up!
The clean looking white made it look like a castle.
Those "raised" areas that look like roots are really just dirt that is eroding from above. It made a pretty pattern which is only messed up by someone who illegally defaced the area.  
Some more pretty colors and patterns. The white here is sand washed down from above. It was just like the sand at the beach.  
More trees will fall soon.
More stripes of white sand.
Yet another castle.
Now we get to go back up the switchbacks to the parking lot. Its only about 100' straight up.
Click on the picture for a LARGER view. This picture one was stitched together using several others.
These last few pictures are all stitched composites of 2-4 pictures.
Providence Canyon 2-19-2011 Providence Canyon 10-1-2011 Providence Canyon 2-4-2012
Providence Canyon
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