Fire near the Lake
6516 Colbert Street
Friday September 15, 2006

This fire was just getting going strong when I arrived. I was on the way to work. No firetrucks had arrived but as I dialed 911, I heard sirens in the distance so closed my phone. The time recorded on my camera is less than 1 minute off the time my phone displays so it is as correct as possible. I come over the CCC and saw the smoke from the down side of the bridge. I figured it was in Jefferson Parish but was surprised when it appeared right on my way to work. At that time of the morning, it takes about 5 minutes to get to that spot from the bridge. All these pictures were taken from a block away, but the heat from the fire could be felt even that far.

This first picture was taken just as the first fire truck arrived (6:20AM) and before they began putting water on it. On the house next to it on the right hand side the soffet on the corner has already melted and fallen somewhat. This picture was taken just as the truck stopped.
The firefighters almost had the hoses out and ready when this was taken at 6:21AM..
This picture was taken at 6:22AM, right after the first firefighter sprayed the building. The smoke immediately billowed up and the rest of the pictures taken were so smoke covered the house couldn't be seen.
This is an after picture. Actually walking up to the house and looking in the front door, it was easy to tell (sight and SMELL!) that the house had not been gutted. The smell from the Katrina flood was even apparent over the acrid smell of smoke.
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