Hurricane Ivan - evacuation-vacation
September 2004
Monday, September 13, 6pm: Ivan, a catagory 5 hurricane, moving NNW at 9.28mph. Max winds 161.3mph, gusting to over 191mph.
Wednesday, September 15, 3:36pm
Evacuated New Orleans Tuesday 9-14-04 at 1:00am. Went to Hot Springs, AR. We stayed at the Quachita State Park Campground 10 miles North of Hot Springs in a cabin on the lake with Mom & Dad, Anne and 3 big dogs. Emily stayed at LSU in Baton Rouge. Came home Thursday 9-16-04.

According to to Hot Springs from New Orleans it is:

587.2 miles (9 hours 2 minutes) via Memphis and Little Rock taking I 55 to Hot Springs
525.6 miles (10 hours 37 minutes) via Shreveport to Hot Springs

Tuesday, September 14, 2:04am
Tuesday, September 14, 3:05pm
Wednesday, September 15, 7:36pm
For the extra day, Mom and I went to Ron Coleman's quartz mine and dug for crystals. We found plenty but were still tired from the hurried trip so only played in the dirt until noon.
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