Chattahoochee River
from Buford Dam (Lake Lanier)
to Abbott's Park, GA
August 29, 2015

The path is in blue and was taken with my GPS and imported into Google Earth. Atlanta is off the map to the South West. We put in at 10:50am, stopped once for lunch and took out at 4:20pm.

We were not in a hurry. The trip was between 13 and 14 miles.

That water was COLD!! It was 50F! The signs at the put-in talked a lot about hypothermia if we were in the water. The signs all said NO SWIMMING because of that.

As an added bonus, there were mile markers most of the way to Abbotts Bridge. It was a game to take a picture of each one. The first one was in some rapids so I missed it.

There are at least 3 other boats/people in the mist we can't see.
And we are paddling!
Most of the other kayakers were just fishing.
Marker 345
Marker 344
We stopped for lunch at Settles Bridge.
Marker 343
Beautiful rock formation with the green river foreground.
Marker 340
Marker 339
Marker 338
The water was just too pretty not to take lots of pictures.
Marker 337
Marker 335
This flower is called Cardinal Flower and it is polinated mainly by the Ruby Throated Hummingbird which Greg caught on camera right after this was taken.
Just pictures of some of the signs at the take out park.
Of course the trip wouldn't be complete unless we saw some wildlife.