Ocmulgee River
Popes Ferry to Amerson River Park
September 19, 2015

The path is in blue and was taken with my GPS and imported into Google Earth. You can see Macon mostly towards the end of the paddle and right up to the take out. We put in at 10:50am, stopped once for lunch and took out at 5:20pm. The trip was 9.8 miles.

We were not in a hurry. The river gauge was between 5' and 6' so was considered low but if we carefully picked our way through the rocks, we never had to get out or get permanently stuck. For me, it was the perfect water level. Just enough to keep us moving without much paddling, lots of class 1 rapids, and enough rocks for a place to get out for lunch and stretch our legs.

It was VERY clear all the way. We saw schools of bass and one HUGE catfish. Someone said it was probably at least half the size of my kayak making the fish at leats 5' long. I've only seen pictures of fish this big! To us he looked like a shark.

There are at least 3 other boats/people in the mist we can't see.
She caught so many fish I lost count!
We had to carefully pick our way through some of the rocks. I just looked for the biggest 'V' of water.
The canoe had so many patches before the trip and it hit so many rocks, it ended up with a large crack which was patched with duct tape on a sandy island. Now I'll always have duct tape with me.  
This one was so much fun, while they patched the canoe, I walked back up and did it again! YES!!!
The river was extra clear all the way.
Thanks Doug for orchestrating a perfect paddle!
And thanks to Kenny, Annie, Shirley, and Stephanie for a wonderful trip!