Bulk-Mailing using MS Outlook
Importing a list of email addresses
from MS Excel to Outlook.
1. Export my Contacts to an MS Excel file in order to have the template to put my email addresses etc. in.
2. Delete all the names etc. from it and leave the field names as headers.
3. Put all my new email addresses etc. in from my personal spreadsheet. Save the file.
4. Create a folder under my contacts called test-bulk.
--a. Right click on Contacts and choose New Folder.
5. Click on the newly created folder and import the spreadsheet into that folder.
--a. Click on folder and choose File, Import and Export from the main menu.
--b. Choose Import from another program or file and click Next.
--c. Choose Microsoft Excel and click Next.
--d. Browse to your file and click Next.
--e. Select the newly created folder and click Next.
--f. Click Finish after checking where the contacts are going.
6. Create the mail message and when ready to send, click the To, Cc, or Bcc button.
7. Click the down arrow by "Show Names from the:" When the drop down menu comes up, it says Global Address book. Use the scroll bar to go up to and choose Outlook Address Book - test-bulk folder. The names can be selected using the shift key to select all or the ctrl key to select only the ones clicked on
8. Click either To, Cc, or Bcc and then click OK.
9. Your mail is ready to be sent.
2004-10-15 Tip created by Karen Heath