Easy Scanner HowTo
This is written for the simplist scan possible.
Click on the HP PrecisionScan Pro 2.02 icon on the desktop.
Wait for the application to begin. On the left side of the HP PrecisionScan Pro screen that comes up, click the picture next to the #1 where it says Start a new scan.
Be patient, the next piece comes up slowly.

When the picture comes up on the screen, hover the mouse over it. The cursor becomes a cross. Click and drag to select a portion of the document needed for the final scan. If the mouse is not a cross, click on #2 of the guided steps. (2. Use your cursor to draw a selection area.)

Notice the dropdown box below 3. Confirm that the output type is what you want. Choose the appropriate output type. For pictures, I personally like True Color (16.7 million colors). There are optional adjustments but usually the defaults work fine.
Click the picture next to Scan To.

In the popup box that appears, choose the appropriate document type. For pictures, choose Imaging. Another document type that is helpful is Adobe Acrobat 5.0.

Click Scan.


When it is finished scanning, the image will appear in a window. Since Imaging was chosen, a new program opens called Imaging. Click in this window.

Choose File, Save As from the main menu.
Pictures save nicely in the jpg format so click the dropdown box and choose JPG File (*.jpg). Name the picture and remember where it is saved. A good place to save the pictures is your personal area on the server.

To find your personal area, click My Computer. Your personal area will have your username in the name. You can get to your personal shared area from any computer you log in to with your username, anywhere on campus. If preferred, the scanned document can be saved on the desktop or in My Documents.

If Fireworks is the preferred application, here are the directions for scanning to a Fireworks file.