Crater of Diamonds
March 5, 2010
For more info visit the park's link.
The big sign behind Jeanne is where the Amarillo Starlight (16.37 carat) diamond was found.
The closer sign is where the Schall (6.07 carat) diamond was found.
These guys were serious. They may have been the ones who found the 1.96 carat diamond while we were there.
They are digging near where the Star of Shreveport (8.82 carat) diamond was found.
Anne, Ricky, and Jeanne were serious too but we didn't find diamonds.
One of the displays at the mine entrance.
Cabin (8x12 glorified storage shed) where we stayed. It even had a porch swing for the cool/cold evenings.
All we needed after a day of mining was a bed and that's all that fit inside these cabins. They were perfect for what we needed.
They plowed while we were there.
One of the best times to find diamonds is either right after the plow goes by or after the first rain after the plow passes.
The sign says this is where the Uncle Sam diamond (40.23 carat) was found.
Notice has large that single plow is in relation to the poeple behind it. Normal plows usually don't have tracks but that's what is needed here. Deep plowing even only one row takes massive effort.
African type diamond washing pan from first diamond plant in Arkansas.
Water goes in on the back side as the tines go around breaking up the dirt.
The lighter stuff is flushed out the vent on the left and the heavy rocks (diamonds!) sink to the bottom.
Yes, we went birdwatching. There were all kinds of smallish birds like this Bluebird.
Click on the picture above or below to get the stitched view of the diamond mine. The picture above was taken standing at the end of the road straight out from the rental shop and the bottom one was taken standing at the beginning of that same road.
Watch out, the top one is 8.49mb and the bottom one is 6.67mb!
By the way, the best part about this place is my phone had no coverage here!
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