The Kayak Trip That Wasn't
September 14, 2013
Westlake Landing at 7:15am
Attempting to get back to Knowles Landing after dropping one car off at Westlake. I can't believe we went through this spot once already!
When we went through at 6:30, it was dark and didn't look so bad.
We called a friend but his truck got stuck too.
A kind sole (Ryan) with a white F-150 4WD pulled us out.
Since we couldn't go out the same way we came in, Ryan suggested we get out on the railroad tracks. No, we didn't straddle them in our little cars, we put the right wheel on the boards and let the left one on the rocks.
After we went about 1/2 a block on the tracks, we had an opportunity to try and get out over a small hill. Both the Prius and the Volt made it with only one backup and run. No kayaking today. We have learned our lesson, don't go on muddy roads until you can see what it really looks like. We never would have tried it if we had seen it during the day.