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Pictures Georgia
National Parks and other famous Parks

Kayak Trips

El Paso, TX
June 2009

US National Parks
4 Corners area.

July 2002

Hiking and Backpacking

CA to New Orleans, LA

August 2006

US National Parks

July 2001
Grand Canyon Petrified Forest
Painted Desert Carlsbad Caverns

Chula Homa Fox Hunt

Massee Lane Gardens, GA

February 2011

Crater of Diamonds


Fall Colors (GA, TN)

October 2012

Balloon Festivals

Hay House
Macon, GA
December 2014

Oldest Fire Hydrant in
New Orleans, LA

May 24, 2013

Critters and other living things
Brown Pelicans
Bayou St. John 2003 (6:15am)
LOTS of Birds
Butterflies on Campus
Nov 2004
Alligators in City Park
May 12, 2008
Other Pictures and Louisiana Parks
(and some miscelaneous stuff)
New Orleans Air Show
May 2, 2009
RC Planes
Nov 2007
Fountainebleau State Park
March 2002
Moon close to Earth
March 20, 2011
Fire Colbert
September 2006
Paul B Johnson State Park
November 2001
UNO's Pond
May 2009
March 2012
Fort Jackson, LA
December 2003
New Orleans Snow Day
December 11, 2008
Bonnie Carre Spillway
Arkansas Quartz Plus More
Aug 2004 (Quartz)
Sept 2004 (Ivan)
Oct 2004 (Hiking-Quartz)
Mar 2010 (Diamonds)

Georgia Snow Day

January 29, 2014

Barkus Parade

Jean Lafitte National Park