Kayaking the Ocmulgee

Amerson Water Works to Spring Street, Macon, Georgia
It was about a 1 1/5 to 2 hour paddle since the water was so low.
It was still a pretty paddle.
The Macon Gauge said the river was at 5.74' but it was very low. I got stuck and had to get out twice. It was fun anyway. The water was cold, it was cloudy and the air temperature was just right (upper 70s to low 80s).
Lots of sandbars.
He never bottomed out!
We passed this gauge last time but the water was at least one mark above the railing, right where the hand railing on the steps curves. The mark at the cement reads 282 and they are in 1 foot increments. Last time, the water was at the 285 mark. There are at least 6 or so feet between the last mark by the cement and the water.  
Yet another sandbar and this one had geese on it. We saw a couple of Great Blue Herons and some white herons on the river. Only the geese were brave enough not to fly off.