Canoeing the Flint River
Thomaston, GA
October 18-19 2014
These pictures were taken with a Galaxy S III; its much better than my iPhone.
Start and end points are circled in red.
Because of the water height, some of those Class IIs were probably closer to IIIs. Great fun!!
We brought our kayaks and caught a ride from the Flint River Outdoor Center and took the trip from (Hwy 18) to Hwy 36 with an overnight stay at Goat Mountain. Its about a 20 mile trip.  

We stopped for the night at Goat Mountain. Two of us just had to wash our hair.
This is the actual 1/2 way point at Goat Mountain. It is several pictures stitched together.
I love mushrooms, especially when they are purple.
Notice the ridge of rapids. These were probably just class II. They were only about a foot or two high but short which made them easy.  
These were a little longer and taller and probably high class II or low class III. They were about a two or three feet high and longer than the last ones. These were harder but not as hard as some we went over. I wasn't able to stop and take pictures of the hard rapids.  
There were lots of turtles along the way. This one was just brave enough to allow me to get a closeup.  
Just a little waterfall along the side of the river.  

When we started, the river was at 8.75 feet. It fell over night to 7.5 feet by this gauge.

On the way back, we visited a covered bridge. It is off of US Hwy 19 and Allen Road in Georgia.