Kayaking the Flint River
Thomaston, GA
May 12, 2015

Start and end points are circled in red.

These pictures were taken with a Galaxy S III.

We brought our kayaks and caught a ride from the Flint River Outdoor Center. We took the trip from Goat Mountain to Hwy 36 (11.5 miles) and it took us about 5 hours. The water was 8' when we started and 7.75' by the time we finished (as per the gauge at the Outdoor Center). Since the river was kinda high, the rapids were minimal. It was still a great trip!  

Mountain Laurel - Very beautiful but all parts are extremely poisenous!!
Chokecherry - These make great jelly/jam!!
Find the eagle with the fish! We saw him dive and grab it. He flew around with it for about 10 minutes!
The eagle was right smack in the middle of the shot above. He is bigger in this one.
Not bad since it was taken with a cell phone!
Someone just stacked these rocks.  
Just a pretty rock.
Rocks at Sprewell Bluff.  
More rocks at Sprewell Bluff. One has a turtle on it.  
Nice rapids but very short. I think we went through by the white water.  
There used to be a ferry on the Flint.  


Almost done. Its just a cool looking tree.  
See, the gauge really is at 7 and 3/4 feet. The week before they said it was at 11 feet!