Kayaking the Flint River
From Goat Mountain to the Flint River Outdoor Center
near Thomaston, GA
July 16, 2015

Start and end points are circled in red.

These pictures were taken with a Galaxy S III.


Beginning and ending water levels. These were shot at the Flint River Outdoor Center at ~10:30 and again at 6:00pm right after we got out of the river.

The left is at 7.5' and the right is at 7.75'. This was the perfect height for the river where we kayaked.

We brought our kayaks and got a ride from the Flint River Outdoor Center. We took the trip from Goat Mountain to Hwy 36 (11.5 miles) and it took us about 7 hours. Steve and Brooke fished while we mostly floated down. It was very hot so make sure you bring LOTS of water!


Brooke caught the first fish. She caught 2 more big ones but they fell off the hook and swam out through the hole in her boat where the paddles were.  
Rock House Mt.
Steve caught the second fish. The fish was really pretty with the red belly.  
Then he caught another one. Brooke caught one but he said it was too little so we let it go.  
Right before the best white water of the trip.
There was no avoiding this one. It stretched all the way across. I think this was where I got about 6" of water in my boat. But, I didn't fall in!
This is a panorama. Scroll to the right to see the rest of the river.
Rock right after the foamy water. That hole in the rock just looks interesting.  
Sprewell Bluff.  
You just won't believe how beautiful this is. Pictures don't do it justice.  
Another set of foamy water. This one snuck up on me. Brooke handled it beautifully.  
Obviously we went through where the V was. Notice the 2 vultures on the bank.
The background wasn't great so they don't stand out very well but there are 2 vultures sunning themselves and they didn't fly away when I got close to take their picture.  
I love this tree. I take a picture of it every time we pass.  
Very sad. The Outdoor Center is right after the bridge. We are at the end. :-(
I take pictures so I'm not in them. :-)