Ocmulgee River
from Highway 83 (Montecello)
to Juliette, GA
August 30, 2015


The path is in blue and was taken with my GPS and imported into Google Earth. Montecello is off the map to the North East. We put in at 11am, and took out at 3:15pm.

We were not in a hurry. Don't know how far the trip was because we took lots of side trips (up the Towaliga River a little and around some islands and through a "tunnel").

No white water or even any type of ripple on this trip but the water and scenery was beautiful! Exploring was fun! We made it back to eat at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.

We were going to put in here but one vehicle almost got stuck in the mud so we decided Highway 83 would be better. This is the Wise Creek put in and it is much higher than our paddle 3 weeks ago.
And we are off, but we won't hurry. Paddling is fun, not a race.
No thunder so rain is ok. Actually, the rain made it a really nice paddle.
Rain made it pretty as well as nice and cool.
Its 1:30 and still raining but the cloud cover means we won't get sunburned!
Going up the Towaliga River
Cardinal Flower
Back down the Towaliga River. Have to make it to the Whistle Stop Cafe for some fried green tomatoes!  
Found a persimmon tree on the goat island. Those persimmons are sweet but very tiny.
The tunnels we discovered on our trip!
No bats in this tunnel.
There were 3 goats on the Bridges Island and the 2 little ones wanted Greg's granola! This one thought I must have some too.  
The water was just too pretty not to take lots of pictures.
Inside the Whistle Stop Cafe
Fried Green Tomatoes! Yummmm!
Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, GA
This greeted me when I got home.