Murder Creek
Paddled Murder Creek (Glenwood Springs Rd and Hwy 129 near Eatonton)
5 times between Nov 3 and Dec 31, 2015. Murder Creek feeds into Lake Sinclair in Georgia. This is my favorite part from the last 2 trips.
First time I did the ledge, I had an out of boat experience. You can see the kayak slipping because I didn't paddle, paddle, paddle. The water was cold but refreshing.
This is what the ledge looked like from the bottom.
This is that same ledge from a different vantage point.
Look closely, there is a kayaker at the top of the wave. This is the same wave I went through a few minutes later.
Thats me going over that same ledge.
Made it! Didn't swim this time! What a rush!!!
This creek usually doesn't have enough water to paddle but between November and December 2015, we had so much rain it had more than enough. It usually runs under 100cfs (cubic feet per second) but we ran it at several different levels. These pictures were taken at 1,500 and 2,300cfs. Other times, we ran it at about 900, 540, and 230cfs just to see the different types of rapids at the different stages.