Moon Rise from Georgia back door

Moon was just too pretty tonight. This was taken from my back door in Georgia on 1-28-2013 at 8:07pm with my 300mm lens. It's really hard to hold the camera still so I told it to focus (spot metering mode) on a tiny point (moon) so that it would ignore most of the dark sky. That way, the moon comes out more true to life. It was taken at ISO-100; 1/5 sec; F/5.6.

Notice that crater on the lower right and look at it in the other moon pictures. It seems to be in different places depending on the time of night its picture was taken.

Moon Set from Georgia front door

Moon Close to Earth - There was smoke in the air last night so I figured the moon would be red this morning. This was taken from my front door in Georgia on 3-20-2011 at 7:12am with my 300mm lens. At that time of day, with so little light and a heavy lens, it's really hard to hold the camera still enough. ISO 200; 1/50 sec; F/5.6. I took way over 200 pictures and this is one of the good ones. Most were blurry.
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