July 2001 Vacation Pictures


Grand Canyon.

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The mule trail at Bright Angel. Below is the top portion of the trail (switchbacks and all).

People are advised not to try and go down and back up in one day. There is a lodge at the very bottom which is not within our view from this point.

If you look in the lower right hand corner, the mules are heading down the trail. This was taken using a 10x zoom so the mules seem much closer than the above 2 pictures.

Many of the pictures at Grand Canyon were taken at either sunrise (5am) or sunset (7pm). Yes, we got up for sunrise. To get the best pictures we got to an overlook about a 45 minutes before sunrise and stayed about 2 hours.

One ranger said "Compare the price of a roll of film now to not having a picture or coming back if the pictures don't come out on your present roll". I took all digital pictures but bought more media so I could take more pictures.

The formation in this picture is called Battle Ship Rock.

The mist hanging over the valley plays tricks with the eye and camera. It seemed as if the mist was washing color over the cliffs when it was actually reflecting the color already on the cliffs.


Painted Desert

Petrified Forest

Grand Canyon Float Trip and Grand Canyon

Wupatki Pueblo and Grand Canyon

Carlsbad Caverns Windmill & Swamp To large pictures