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Dockwise Ship in the River
Spikes at Wise Creek!
This site started mainly because my relatives wanted to see some of my pictures and it grew from there. Most of the pictures are only edited for size to display on the web. Some of the older ones are actually scans from my old Olympus 35mm. I'm not the best at picking color coordinating backgrounds so beware.
Read/look at this site at your own "risk". Since I don't have a proof-reader and there are plenty of pages which have been around since the mid 1990s, I'm sure there are some mistakes. No matter how silly or wrong something may be, if I don't catch it, it goes up and stays wrong for ages until someone tells me about it. I can't track everything and have written bunches of pages and write more when I get time. I only update things as I discover errors so email me if you see any at [email protected].

The bottom line is I'm excited about all the places I go and things I see. I really want others to be as excited about them as I am but if no one knows about these wonderful places, how can they be excited about them? -kh