Carolina Wren Nest July 2004

Look closely, mostly what you see are Momma bird's eyes.
Discovered eggs hatching 7-1-04.

7-03-04 Those big bulging things are one baby's eyes.
The fuzz surronding them is really just their new feathers.

Mother bird fussing at me from about 20 feet away.

7-9-04 The nesting spot and babies.

7-12-04 It looks like there may be 5 babies in this nest.

7-14-04 The last picture.
They actually have most of their feathers now.
7-15-04 They flew away.
Killdeer from eggs to babies -- Georgia 4-2-12
Blue Birds pair of angry Blue Birds -- Georgia 2-26-12
Osprey and Brown Pelican in City Park 3-4-08 and 3-14-08
Red Shouldered Hawk on Wisner Blvd. 1-6-06
Coopers Hawk on UNO campus. 1-23-06
My neighbor's Hawk October 2006
Red Shouldered Hawk on Holiday Drive. 3-28-06
Unknown Hawk near Holmes Blvd 12-1-06
Unknown Hawk on Paris Ave 5-23-07
Mississippi Kite on Eaton St 6-8-08
Dove on Park Timbers Drive 4-8-06
Scarlet Tanager in front of UNO Computer Center 4-27-06
Scarlet Tanager Between UNO's Math building and the Computer Center 9-1-06.
We think he was stunned when he hit a window.
Birds in Somerset back yard 7-14-05
Brown Pelicans (Bayou St. John - November 2003) and White Pelicans (LSU - January 2004)
Carolina Wren nesting July 2004
Hummingbirds Spring 2009
Coot and Great Blue Heron Audubon Park March 2009
Whistling (Tree) Ducks and Wood Ducks Audubon Park March 2009
Waxwings in UNO Computer Center Holly Trees March 25, 2010
Eastern Kingbird in UNO Science parking lot April 22, 2010