El Paso area East 2009
Hueco Tanks
Take a look at the drawing below to see what is really here. This pictograph tells the story of a fierce battle and the aftermath. Artist Forrest Kirkland and Lula Kirkland copied many of these pictographs to canvas during the summer of 1939. many of the paintings they copied are now gone or defaced. Their paintings are the only thing we have left. These are the drawings he did. http://www.texasbeyondhistory.net/hueco/gallery.html
Our guide Joe (pictured) had this paper so we could see what the drawing actually looked a long time ago. He had wonderful stories to tell us about the past and present Hueco Tanks. We couldn't have asked for a better guide.
This rock and cement dam was probably built in the early 1900s to help hold water for the ranchers in the area. We had to climb about a 50 foot boulder to get to the next set of pictographs. We are on a rock ledge. One person decided it would be too strenuous and stayed below. She is the white spec on the right near the bottom of the picture. It was well worth the climb because there were wonderful pictographs in the cave above.
This cave was filled with pictographs!
Sometimes pictographs can be brought out by digital enhancing. Try this link from the Texas beyond history pages.  
These are just natural hollows created by erosion.
View from the back side of the dam.
Why is this Tlaloc upside down? No one knows.
Front side of the dam. We climed up the left side.
Day 1 - Fluorite Mine and Wildfire
~6 seconds
Day 1 - Kilbourne Hole
~4 seconds
Day 2 - Three Rivers Petroglyphs
~15 seconds
Day 3 - Fluorite Mine
~11 seconds
Day 4 - Hueco Tanks trip #1
~12 seconds
Day 5 - El Paso Missions
~9 seconds
Day 5 - Wilderness Park Museum
~12 seconds
Day 6 - Hueco Tanks trip #2
~15 seconds
Hueco Tanks information
Day 6 - Guadalupe Mountains
~13 seconds
Day 7 - White Sands National Monument
~17 seconds
Day 8-9 - The El Paso Loop Trail
~5 seconds
Day 10 - Hueco Tanks trip #3
~12 seconds (The best of the trip)
Day 11 - Trip Home
~9 seconds
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