Georgia Snow Days 2014
The Robins came about a week before the big freeze.
Then we had freezing rain, sleet and finally snow. This is the backyard before anyone went out.

<<- Icicles on the rain chain by the downspout.






Next came the snow angel when the sun was bright enough for a picture. ->>

Even the big birds were cold. :-)
My little frog in the bird bath is totally covered and there are icicles at its edges.  
We had exactly one inch of nice snow. It was pretty dry and it didn't want to stick so it was hard to make a big snowman.
Maybe tomorrow, the snow will be wetter for a better snowman.
And the Robins are back. They have discovered my Bradford Pear berries are still on the trees.
But, with this many birds, the berries won't be there long.
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