Wolf Creek Pass, way up on the Great Divide.
Notice the plume of smoke above that butte. We got to Mesa Verde the day after a lightning strike started a fire and closed the park.
Mesa Verde was closed, we decided to try out Hovenweep. It was a little ways off but well worth the trip. It was EXTREMELY hot here. I have never had so much water and still be thirsty. The structures in Hovenweep were built and inhabited beginning around the year 700. They were abandoned about 600 years later. Realize the engineering skill these people had and that they hand carried and hand carved these bricks!
After being so hot in Hovenweep, (it only got down to 75 at night but by 10am was over 100F), we decided to go back through Durango and Silverton on the way to pick up Anne in Colorado Springs. The town of Silverton rests 9,318 feet high and is known for its great gold and silver rush during the late 1800's.

Notice the Ruby Throat watching the Rufous over his shoulder. It seems the Rufous was the bully of this group. He would swoop down and peck the other's tails chasing them away from the feeder. To see more hummers at this feeder, try this link.

This stream was less than 40F. Soaking your feet in it was comfy only for a minute or two; then your feet turned blue. We camped within 20 yards of this stream.
Notice the beaver's house right in the middle.

Great Sand Dunes N.P.


Little Wild Horse

Trail of Ancients &
Natural Bridges N.P.