On the trail of the Ancients at Lake Powell. Pretty empty isn't it?
Some of the little side attractions on BLM land were the best because we could walk right up to them.
Natural Bridges National Park
Look carefully in this picture for the natural bridge.
Amazing stream passage. This would be another wonderful canyon to walk.
There were also some cliff dwellings in Natural Bridges National Park.
Note there is a difference in the kivas (on the right) in this area verses Mesa Verde.
Don't stray off the path, this soil is full of life! In many areas this biological soil crust comprise over 70% of the living ground cover and are key in reducing erosion, increasing water retention and increasing soil fertility. Even a single footprint in places of lower rainfall, can take up to 250 years to recover. For size comparison, the Prickly Pear cactus was left in the lower right of the picture.
There is another bridge in this picture.

Great Sand Dunes N.P.

Wolf Creek Pass

Little Wild Horse