We started our adventure in the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve in Colorado. These dunes cover about 39 square miles and reach to heights of 750 feet. They are the tallest sand dunes in North America. Bet you didn't know we had any sand dunes, much less ones this big in the United States.

Notice the people near the top of a dune.
This bird was feeding its young currents right next to us in the bushes. The baby bird is below.

This chipmonk was also enjoying the currents. The stripes across the face identify him as a chipmonk. If he had no stripes, he would be a ground squirrel. Both can be annoying when trying to fix dinner.

Doug slept in the small tent and I had the larger one with Anne. We had to be very careful with the food and make sure there were no smells to attract the bears. One got into a car in the next campsite the night before. They had left food in the car with the window rolled part way down. There was also a bear in our campsite but since we didn't have any food that he could smell, he left. We just heard him rumbling around.

Wolf Creek Pass

Little Wild Horse

Trail of Ancients &
Natural Bridges N.P.