Lafitte National Park
April 18, 2010
The first trip was 4-18-10. We arrived at 6:00am so many of the pictures were basically taken in the dark.
Redwinged Black Birds These birds were over a football field away from us.
This Carolina Wren thought she would get away from my camera.
Purple Iris
The Barred Owl peaking out from behind the tree.
The Red Irises (sometimes called copper iris) were also in bloom. These were exceptionally pretty.
The second trip in 3 weeks produced a deer. We were the first ones on the trail
at 7am Saturday May 1, 2010 but it was warm and very windy. No big aligators this time.
The bees were really interested in this Canada Thistle.

Now for the gator growl (mating call). The gators were all seen on the first trip (4-18-10). It was cool but with no wind that morning. There were quite a few aligators and most were making this sound:


See the 6 picture sequence taken while one was growling (calling a mate).

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