Lafitte National Park
November 27, 2010
Common Ibis.
Antlers on a tree.
This 3 point buck just stepped out in front of us. As soon as he heard the shutter click,
he must have thought we were cocking our gun because he ran off.
This machine dredges the canals to keep them open to the small boats. It also chops up Purple Hyacinths. It supposedly aids in clearing the canals/bayous of this plant pest and the mud thrown up on the banks will help keep the canals open to boats..  
Cypress Knees.
This cute guy was at least 7 or 8 feet long. He was probably longer but I wasn't asking him to get any closer.
Barred Owl
Hairy Woodpecker (I think).
One Shell Square is at the end of the Kenta Canal. The picture below is a closeup of the above shot. It was a very rainy, cold, foggy morning.  
We were very close to downtown New Orleans. Its 15.6 miles by road from One Shell Square (701 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA) to Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve (6588 Barataria Boulevard, Marrero, LA). One Shell Square is at the end of the Kenta canal. This is almost at the end of the Bayou Coquille trail.
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