Katrina August 29, 2005
Views from the car while driving around both
the East and West Bank of New Orleans.
In the beginning, all vehicles had to be decontaminated after driving over where it was still wet. This firehouse on Woodland Hwy on the West Bank hosed and scrubbed the vehicles from the top to bottom as they came back from duty on the other side of the river. Fire trucks, ambulances, and others were required to go through decon before entering their home for the night, as the sign said.
This unbroken light bulb was found in the back of Scott's yard on Huntlee Drive in New Orleans on the West Bank.
Before the storm, that same light bulb was screwed into the following socket. No one knows for sure how it came unscrewed and landed around the back side of the house in the grass.
Notice the filament is not broken. The paint spots are on the right side of the bulb in this picture.
And it still works! Those spots are paint from when the house was painted ages ago.
We screwed it into a socket inside the house just to test it.
Church on General DeGaulle Drive 70114
Levee Breaks
Flooded Houses
Ursuline, and
relatives houses.
State Park
17th Street
London Ave
St. Bernard
9th Ward
House #1
House #2
Satelite Images
Driving #1
Driving #2
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Cleaning up and some fun pictures.
Christmas around town
Link copied from southbear.com which describes very well why the flood was so bad.
JEMS - Excellent description of what went on from EMS' point of view..
UNO pictures
The islands (Dauphin and Chandeleur) that protect our coastline an southern cities.
Miscelaneous satellite pictures.
More Katrina pictures from WWLTV.com
More pictures found on the web.
Lakeview pictures during the flood mailed to me 3-3-06
Lakeview Revisited - Pictures 7 months after Katrina taken in March 2006
The surge out at Michoud from WWLTV.com
Doug's fly over pictures of Katrina's damage on our swamps and southernmost towns. March 2006
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