Katrina August 29, 2005
Places only my relatives would be interested in.
4526 South Prieur. Water came up to just above the window sills or just above the second pane of glass next to the front door.
House down the street from Prieur.
These lions seemed to be really small. I guess I grew up.
8212 Pritchard Place. Zip code 70118. They got just about 2 inches in the house.
8228 Pritchard Place. Hopkin's house.
Down on the corner of Dante St. and Pritchard Place.
1936 Carrolton Ave. Corner of Spruce St and Carrolton Avenue.
Notice water mark is above the highest dark one.
Spruce St. side.
2618 Somerset Drive, 70131. This was a huge ornamental Bradford Pear. It filled the front yard and shaded the house.
437 Huntlee Dr. 70131
437 Huntlee Dr. 70131
437 Huntlee Dr. 70131. Notice the room was painted before the storm and it has moved as indicated by the lack of paint in that little strip on the ceiling.
These links are satelite links but since the pictures are very large (1mb) you have to click them to load them. Huntlee-Somerset link and Park Timbers-Kabel link. There are white arrows with writing for all our houses on them.
Levee Breaks
Flooded Houses
Ursuline, and
relatives houses.
State Park
17th Street
London Ave
St. Bernard
9th Ward
House #1
House #2
Satelite Images
Driving #1
Driving #2
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Cleaning up and some fun pictures.
Christmas around town
Link copied from southbear.com which describes very well why the flood was so bad.
JEMS - Excellent description of what went on from EMS' point of view..
UNO pictures
The islands (Dauphin and Chandeleur) that protect our coastline an southern cities.
Miscelaneous satellite pictures.
More Katrina pictures from WWLTV.com
More pictures found on the web.
Lakeview pictures during the flood mailed to me 3-3-06
Lakeview Revisited - Pictures 7 months after Katrina taken in March 2006
The surge out at Michoud from WWLTV.com
Doug's fly over pictures of Katrina's damage on our swamps and southernmost towns. March 2006
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