Katrina August 29, 2005
17th Street Canal Break
This is the famed 17th Street canal break. The metal posts are the sheet piling the news talks about that was driven into the peat which did not hold up to the storm surge from Lake Pontchatrain.
This house was on the lake side of the break. As you can see, there is still water seeping through and pooling on Nov. 19, 2005 more than 2 and a half months after Katrina hit.
This house was a couple of houses from the actual break. Notice how high the wall is. Yes, there is water behind it and it is about a foot higher than where the cement wall starts.
This car floated here as the flood came through. As you can see by the water lines, it has stayed here since the beginning of the flood.
This car did the same thing as the one above. It was about 20 blocks from the break on Bellaire Dr.
This blue house floated off its foundation when the wall broke. It was only stopped by (see next picture).
This tree was the only thing that stopped the house from floating down the street. It looks like what would happen to a car if it hit a tree. It just wrapped itself around it.
The small rectangle is what the search and rescue teams cut in the roofs of houses where they suspected people were trapped.
This house had a small rectangle cut in the side but all they found was one dead body. Again, they were on a search and rescue mission, not body recovery. The body was left here for later so they could pick up more survivors. This house was over near Fleur de Lis about 12 or so blocks from the 17th Street canal break (312 18th St.). The water line is half way up the white board just under the roof. There would have been no air in the attic and VERY hot.
231 20th Street.
This house is 12 blocks from the 17th street Canal break. There was 15 feet of water in the house and the house is already 3 feet above the street. It undercut the slab and since the water was so high, the house will have to be destroyed. They will rebuild.
Levee Breaks
Flooded Houses
Ursuline, and
relatives houses.
State Park
17th Street
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House #1
House #2
Satelite Images
Driving #1
Driving #2
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