Katrina August 29, 2005
This house belongs to a friend of mine. This house is near Mandeville St. and Mirabeau Ave. It is a raised house with 3 foot piers underneath. The water came up to just over the window sills. There was a water line in the garage at about 8 feet, just out of reach of my out-stretched arms. Her refrigerator and freezer floated around her kitchen and the refrigerator landed upside down. The mold was actually pretty in some places. That is someone elses garage door stuck on her fence.
Someone else's garage door was on her fence.
All that good networking gone to waste.
Even the fan blades drooped in the moisture laden heat.
The bottom of the door is bleached where the water stood for weeks.
Mold in the closet.
Beautiful multicolored mold.
The wooden table drooped in the water.
The wooden floors buckled.
Mold by the thermostat.
We want to go back and eat here. They said they will remodel and reopen as soon as they can.
Other of our favorite eating places.
Front of her house.
Front of her house with some of the furniture at the curb for the garbage men to pick up.
There is another water line about a foot or so above the dark one. Hurricane Rita mostly washed off the highest water line.
Inside the garage.
Door of the garage where water line is at about 8 feet.
Kitchen with the fridge at the back, upside down.
Living room
More living room.
Levee Breaks
Flooded Houses
Ursuline, and
relatives houses.
State Park
17th Street
London Ave
St. Bernard
9th Ward
House #1
House #2
Satelite Images
Driving #1
Driving #2
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Cleaning up and some fun pictures.
Christmas around town
Link copied from southbear.com which describes very well why the flood was so bad.
JEMS - Excellent description of what went on from EMS' point of view..
UNO pictures
The islands (Dauphin and Chandeleur) that protect our coastline an southern cities.
Miscelaneous satellite pictures.
More Katrina pictures from WWLTV.com
More pictures found on the web.
Lakeview pictures during the flood mailed to me 3-3-06
Lakeview Revisited - Pictures 7 months after Katrina taken in March 2006
The surge out at Michoud from WWLTV.com
Doug's fly over pictures of Katrina's damage on our swamps and southernmost towns. March 2006
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